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Better Tyranny through comedy

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GREETINGS, OBEEEEDIENT ONES!   A hearty welcome from the EMPIRE of TYRANTULANIA, ruled by the world's happiest angry man, the TYRANT, who, with his horde of Minions known as the Gorgeous Guard, and his eccentric inventor, Dr. Klindowiener, presides over the fates of the citzens of his Empire...and perhaps all mankind.  Achieving absolute power has made the Tyrant a target for other nefarious evil dictators who would have his Empire for their own.  But one must make such sacrifices to impress the ladies.  All this makes for amusing antics and madcap misadventures.  TYRANNOVISION will bring out the "Inner Tyrant" in you!

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"TYRANNOVISION: YEAR ONE" is available on DVD!    ...sort of.


You can download the FREE 2-DISC DVD SET and burn it yourself on your home computer!  Burn as many of 'em as you like so you AND your friends can enjoy TYRANNOVISION on your TV's and away from your computer, as Nature intended!   We've even provided printable DVD clamshell cover art and printable disc labels to make the package complete!  It's about an eight-gigabyte dowmload so plan to kill a few hours downloading all the files.  Hey, whaddya want for free after all??


Watch the trailer to the right for motivation, then click that "Download" button below the trailer to go to the download site at Mindwipe Studios!



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