The reboot of "Ask Your Tyrant" on TYRANNOVISION  is looking for guest "Callers" from the Tyranno-community to participate in new episodes of the show.

 The process is designed to be quite easy in order to facilitate a video-capable performer to appear on the show without a whole lot of technical complexity. "Video-Capable" means that you have SOME kind of video-recording device (Camcorder or webcam) and a microphone with which to record yourself performing your part. For local performers in my immediate area who are not video-capable, I can either come to your place, or you can come to my studio, for me to shoot your footage. NO CHROMA KEY SCREEN (Greenscreen, bluescreen, etc) IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE!  All you have to do is shoot yourself in extreme close-up talking on a phone with sufficient pauses between your lines to accommodate the Tyrant's dialogue while you react to what he says.

 Once I have your footage, it will be inserted into the "Caller" window, which will appear as a small dialogue window at the bottom right corner of the screen with the Tyrant (As seen in the videos). --Dix