Time to give shout-outs to the fierce talent that has generously contributed to the tapestry of textures that makes up Tyrannovision! --Dix)

PETER ADAMS/"LtAdams2247"(Germany)--A wildly popular creative presence on, Peter is the one who got me involved in the Tyrant War Video Roleplay. I really wasn't interested in getting involved in a LARP game, but Peter and I had been wanting to do a projects together. He had his character killed by Sylar, and suggested I be a sort of Necromancer who would resurrect him (Meanwhile, he had another participant clone him, and his storyline involved the fusion of the resurrected Lt. Adams and the Cloned Version). Lt. Adams is an evil alien entity who took possession of a young German stoner's body. Later on in the general roleplay Lt. Adams gets killed again, and the Tyrant is once again called upon for resussitation duties. Peter can be seen in the episodes "Resurrection", "RE-Resurrection", "Rude Awakening", "ReFLESHment", and "The Trial of Dr. Interact". Peter is also a huge sound effects editing enthusiast, and I've had him do the sound design for "ReFLESHment" and the Holopod Destruction in "Trial of Dr. Interact." He has also been my German dialogue coach since I do not speak German with any degree of fluence....fluentness?....fluentity?

KRISTIAN JOHN THOMAS/"KrisInteract" (South Wales, UK)--A kindred spirit with a penchant for grandiose narrative entertainment and a knack for creating and playing multiple characters, Kris has amassed his own impressive pantheon of fantasy characters such as Super Welsh Boy (A super hero whose power comes from copious amounts of beer), and his own tyrant persona, Doctor Interact, who has become quite fixated on defeating the Tyrannovision Tyrant, as is evident in his own crossover saga, "The Trial of Dr. Interact". Kris has been using this huge epic project to hone his editing and 3D animation skills. Kris is sometimes aided and abetted in his projects by his gorgeous significant other Elena Thomas("K" in "Trial Of Dr. Interact")

CHRIS WILSON/"AskTheTyrant"/"NefariousTheTyrant" (Scotland, UK)--Creator of a Tyrant Wars video LARP(Live Action Role Play) game on Participants are invited to create their own Tyrant character and battle it out with other "tyrants" for global domination. Unlike the rigid legalistic rules of roleplay games like D&D, the Tyrant War is largely improvised. But as the roleplay gathered momentum, some players collaborated on their conflicts and started producing elaborate productions with specific storylines, delivered in installments. Chris Wilson appears in the episode "Fall Of An Empire (Tyrannovision segment)". He is the founder of the National Tyrant Organization (NTO).

BRUCE ANDERSON/"QPid" (Tucson, Arizona, USA)--It is unclear whether or not QPID works for the forces of good or evil, but he definitely manages to weaken all the NTO Tyrants with a "Love-Ray" that causes them to break out into song and dance, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

MICHAEL JAMES/"Sylar"(New York, New York, USA)--SYLAR rose up as a resistance leader in the Tyrant Roleplay on LiveVideo. Shortly after the Tyrannovision tyrant was introduced, Sylar had himself killed in an epic death to get out of the roleplay and concentrate on his music career. He did like the way the Tyrant growled his name, so I made that into a running gag catchphrase. Sylar became an arch enemy who does absolutely nothing, yet he is the first to blame when the Tyrant is having troubles. I used Sylar's ingenious music video "Symphony of Boredom" in my "found video" project, "Method Rhythm."

NICHOLAS BAKER/"NickBakerMusic" (Edmonds, Washington, USA)--I have watched Nick evolve as a musician and singer since I met him when he was 14. Since we both love electronic music and movie/TV themes, we became fast friends. The "Nick-&-Dix" show videos are examples of what he and I do when we just hang out together. Nick has evolved into quite the composer and writes original songs and jingles. A few examples of his work can be found on the Playlist on the main page. Even though he's totally blind from birth, he loves classic arcade video games and has made a jazzy medley of their themes. Check it out! Guaranteed to make you smile! Nick will also be contributing music to "Empire Highway" and I hope to put him IN the movie as the onstage band performing the songs at a high school reunion dance. Wherever possible I have showcased some of his TyrannoPOD music on various pages of this site. Nick is also a walking vocal sound effects machine! Check out more about him at

ALANDRIA (Canada)--In real life, she's the "Chosen One's" mom. She facilitated her daughter's desire to participate in the roleplay to revive Lt. Adams (AND his reindeer). Alandria even jumped into the fun herself by playing the Delivery Driver of the OOPS SkyVan. Her patient direction of her daughter's acting made editing and compositing both their performances a real pleasure for me.

THE CHOSEN ONE (Canada)--In real life, she's ALANDRIA's daughter, and eldest child. When the Character of Lt. Adams was killed off a second time (along with his toy reindeer) she wanted to be the one to revive him. I wrote a series of episodes around her to do just that, and she delivered a beautifully soulful performance, even handling her more comic lines with great aplomb.

ELIZA DORKALICIOUS/Dorkavicious (Florida, USA)--A beautiful young woman involved in the general roleplay outside of the Tyrannovision "7/11" plotline, "Dorkavicious" made a brief sojourn into Tyrantulania when she was able to beam into the shield generator room and deactivate it, thus letting QPid send his love-ray through to weaken the evil forces of the Tyrant and his underlings. I think she's romantically liked with Scruffy The Pirate (but you didn't hear it from me! SSSSShhhhh!)

SARA NOBODYSCHILD99 (New Jersey, USA)--Graciously appearing, along with her significant other, Rams, as courtroom extras in "Trial of Doctor Interact", Sara is one of the fierce multi-talents from LiveVideo that I have yet to really cast in a Tyrannovision project. But that is going to be remedied as she will appear in a more prominent capacity in "Empire Highway".

JEFF WATSON/North Star Productions (USA)--Longtime known as "The Shadow" on LiveVideo, Jeff Watson contributed a wonderful commercial for the Tyrantulanian Board of Tourism, and in true Tyrannovision tradition, played both characters in his video! I am proud to present it here in the Tyrannovision collection!

LARRY LO PRESTI/ Creature-maker/ Scenic Designer (Tempe, Arizona, USA)--Artist and Filmmaker Larry Lo Presti is lending his TIKI-BOT to the production of "Empire Highway". We help each other on one another's movies, and he has been helping me build and document my large backyard greenscreen studio. Larry will be designing and building some of the physical "bigiature" set pieces.

DEON ALLEN/ "Party Guy #1" (Tempe, Arizona, USA)--A versatile painter/sculptor/jeweller, Deon will be making his Tyrannovision debut as one of the "Party Guys" who adopt the Tyrant for a drunken bender through the streets of Las Ta-Tas in "Empire Highway".

ROBERT X. PLANET/"Khan-Tiki" (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) is a fixture in the local Phoenix theatrical community. He will be making his Tyrannovision debut as Khan-Tiki, a rival Tyrant from the small island nation of Tikinesia, who commands an army of Tiki-Bots in a full-scale invasion on Tyrantulanian soil at the opening of "Empire Highway".

JINJER JAMES/"Bustine Chesterfield"(Scottsdale, Arizona, USA) is part of the local underground indie movie talent pool here in the Metro Phoenix area. She has been featured in several of our local productions; most notably "Dr. Trimrose's Cannibalistic Sex-Crazed Blood Island of the Tiki-Bot", "Blood Bath of the Bat-Beast", "Night Of The Necroluna", and the upcoming "Plutonium Pinup Project." Her participation in our local movie productions has sparked her to go to school for digital video production with an eye toward doing this stuff professionally. She is also contributing some uber-sexy voice work to the new TYRANNOPOD podcast.

ELAAN ARDIX/"Greta the Slave-Girl/Bettye Bentyne" (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) can be currently seen in her debut as Greta the Slave-Girl in "The Trial of Dr. Interact" and will also appear as Bettye Bentyne in "Empire Highway"
THE PUPPETS--For THE TRIAL OF DOCTOR INTERACT Kris Thomas and I engaged the services of several puppeteers to play extras and members of the Press. Their generous contribution of footage of their puppetry gave the trial the look of a Jim Henson Muppet special or a Sid & Marty Krofft TV show. Their presence added an extra dimension of color and silliness to the already madcap proceedings.

DAVID COLE/"TerryBubble" (England, UK)--Terry Bubble hosts his own hand puppet newscast called the BBC News (Bubble Broadcasting Company). He has gotten other LiveVideo puppeteers to participate as his news correspondents. It was his programme that gave me the idea to have a "Puppet Press Corps" covering the "Trial of Doctor Interact". Terry Bubble is featured in an interview with the Tyrantulanian SpokesMinion just before the trial commences.   Puppeteer David Cole shares his love of puppetry and art with his significant other, Lisa Jackson. In EMPIRE HIGHWAY he can be heard as the narrator for an old nature documentary on the telly in a motel room.

MORTIMER and CRANKY (USA)--Mortimer the Dragon, and furry monster Cranky can be seen seated in the courtroom in "Trial of Dr. Interact". They're the only non-humanoid puppets in the show.

SCRUFFY THE PIRATE/"DarkMessiahNF" (Somewhere in the Carribean)--Scruffy the Pirate hosts the news commentary on the trial in "Trial of Dr. Interact" as a sort of Doug Llewellyn interviewer outside the courtroom. He introduces the trial and interviews an "Actual Kangaroo"(Baron Dixon).

GGUIDER (UK)--GGuider (Her LiveVideo username) lends her extensive collection of hand puppets as extras in the "Trial of Dr. Interact".
TYRANNOVISION has enjoyed the SUPPORT NETWORK of several members of the Viral Video community. While none of these people have been directly involved in the production of the shows themselves (and I hope to change that, too), their love for the series is exemplified through their technical web assistance, advice, publicity and distribution to spread the Imperial Word of Tyrannovision to more and more people.

Phill "MindWipe" Morris is the DVD author of the YEAR ONE 2-DISC DVD set that you can download for free (Go to his page here to download the DVD's for yourself). I've been enjoying a really good relationship with him and Chris Jones Gaming, contributing voice-over work to podcasts, computer games, and promotional materials. An enthusiastic Audiophile, Mindwipe is also an excellent singer and musician, and I'm hoping to include his musical stylings in the various-artists soundtrack of "Empire Highway". Mindwipe has always been generous with his technical expertise and has also turned me on to some of the Star trek video work being done on the web throughout the world, which further inspires what I do with Tyrannovision.

VICTOR MULLINS/"Victor1st" (Scotland, UK)--from his signature "Hellooooooo!" it's easy to get hooked on Victor's vlogs, even if I'm unfamiliar with the subjects he discusses. He has a singular wit that gets me engaged in his monologues. He also co-hosts the ARGUS ARRAY, a Star Trek Gamers' podcast. I've enjoyed contributing voice bumpers to the Argus Array podcast, and Victor's very kind words about TYRANNOVISION have done much, I'm sure, to bring new viewers to my silly sitcom.

WILLIAM "WALKIE" WALKER (Flint, MI, USA)--Host of the EliteForcePodcast, a science-fiction themed talk show, Walkie is one of the best interviewers I have ever met. He is definitely a stand-up guy. Being a Trekkie myself, doing a podcast interview with Walkie is like hanging out with a good friend for a couple of hours talking about your favorite stuff, and he asks good questions, too. Extremely friendly, thoughtful, and with his own unique vocal styling..heh-heh!...I hope to utilize his talents in "Empire Highway" as a performer.

GLORIA GLOVER at (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)--Anyone who has met Gloria online knows her generous spirit. She knows her computer stuff, and sends my mind whirling whenever I get into a technical support discussion with her. For the past two years she has been developing the viral video sharing website OnTheAirTV , and even, at one time, created a dedicated TYRANNOVISION channel there and uploaded all my episodes for me. Her enthusiasm has forced me to try to overcome my own proclivities for procrastination regarding the promotion of Tyrannovision. Her ebullient enthusiasm for my silly little show has inspired me to build this official website.

ALWUN HOUSE FOUNDATION (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)--Established by KIM MOODY and DANA JOHNSON in the early 1970's, Alwun House is Phoenix, AZ's premiere alternative artspace. It has been the venue for premieres of many locally produced movies. The TYRANNOVISION series has been projected there a number of times and have been well-received by live audiences. I also exhibit my artwork there and do the occasional volunteer work for this NPO.

(More names will be periodically added to this list)

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