Better Tyranny through comedy

TYRANNO-MOVIES: The Next Level of Tyranny

While TYRANNOVISION will still be presented as the occasional short video and TYRANNOPOD podcast, the new push in production will be for self-contained feature length movies. Each movie will be a self-contained adventure, and not necessarily a sequel. They will not comprise any kind of "Saga", but will instead be just a Series. The goal is to have an official TYRANNOVISION website which will host video streaming of the complete movies, similar in nature to the fan-produced Star Trek series like Phase II, Starship Farragut, Of Gods and Men, and the Hidden Frontier franchises. will also host e-commerce features to sell DVD's, soundtrack CD's, ringtones, and merchandise tie-ins (For now, you'll need to contact me directly to order merchandise items, like buttons and T-shirts, as I advertise them in commercials and photos and blogs).

The stories for the five planned movies can each be summarized, without giving away the plots, in these simple one-sentence capsules:

  • 1) A buddy road movie (EMPIRE HIGHWAY)
  • 2) A time-travel adventure (NO TIME FOR TYRANTS)
  • 3) A tempestuous love story (TYRANT-2-TYRANT)
  • 4) The Tyrant mentors a child (THE TOT AND THE TYRANT)

    • 5) A Doomsday Cult moves into Tyrantulania (CHILDREN OF A MESSIER GOD)

      Each of these epic comedies will be chock full of the elements that make for blockbuster fun at the movies: Broad Physical Comedy, Witty Dialogue, Outlandish Action, Sex, Violence, Blood, War, Strange Creatures, Social Satire, Love Stories, Magic, and Bizarre Science and Technology...and Singing, Dancing Musical Numbers!

      While I'll be making use of more and more local talent here in Phoenix, AZ, I still want TYRANNOVISION to keep its international flavor by including the online talent pool which has enriched the texture of the original Year One episodes and the Trial Of Doctor Interact saga. One of the ways this will be done will be by inviting "guest Stars" to produce TV Commercials, News Reports, and TV shows which will be used as punctuational narrative links, similar in nature to the Robocop franchise.

      PUBLIC WORLD PREMIERES of each movie will be presented at the Alwun House Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, which since 1971 has been the premier alternative artspace that has nurtured emerging artists, performers and filmmakers. While the main gallery is housed inside the Alwun House itself, a beautiful outdoor garden space hosts a stage where the performances are held. Premiere screenings are followed by live musicians, deejays, and/or live performances of some kind. A booth is set up next to the stage for immediate sale of merchandise and signing of autographs following the premiere screening as the after-party pulses into the wee small hours of the morning. Mailers for the events are full color postcards sent to the approximately 5000 members on the Alwun House's mailing list (These make for nice collector's items as well). Publicity is aggressively promoted.

      INDIE FILM FESTIVALS, especially those specializing in sci-fi, fantasy and horror will be another avenue for public screenings. If I can attend the events, I will personally promote and appear on appropriate panel discussions, maybe even in costume.

      Another possibility for venues is SCI-FI and COMIC BOOK CONVENTIONS, where indie genre movies are sometimes screened, often with a table at the convention's dealer's room.

      MICROCINEMAS are small little upstart movie theaters that have weekly or monthly showings of independent/underground features and shorts festivals. They are excellent alternatives to mainstream cinema and the multiplex mobs. They attract the kind of bohemian audiences that support independent culture and seek out something different. They are often hungry for content and are a great way to get a TYRANNOVISION movie seen by people who are unfamiliar with Viral Video. Personal appearances may be necessary to help promote the movie, draw more attendance, and sell merchandise.

      The first movie will be EMPIRE HIGHWAY.


One of my favorite things to so is take long road trips. I don't have any problem with flying, but I enjoy the decompression time that comes with driving cross-country for hundreds of miles. I can stop whenever and wherever I want and explore the little treasures discovered on the road. Soak up the local flavors of the various towns and cities. Pack a bunch of snacks and drinks and consume them at my leisure. Marvel at the scenic vistas that pass before me. I was conditioned for this as a child, going on long trips with my parents or other family members. Of course, it was also a time where familiarity often bred contempt and we'd get on each other's nerves. Now with fuel prices skyrocketing, I can't really afford to road-trip any more. I really miss it. So I thought it would be fun to recreate the road trip experience through the skewed lens of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Through the miracles of Digital Effects wizardry I don't have to actually drive anywhere, and I thought it would be fun to stuff the Tyrant and Dr. Klindowiener in a car and let them get on each other's nerves as they get into various little misadventures on the open road. I also wanted to reveal the world of Tyrantulania and the people who live under the Tyrant's rule. This is the inspiration for TYRANNOVISION: EMPIRE HIGHWAY.

Tyrantulania is under attack!!! (Again) Massive robotic forces from the small island nation of Tikinesia have invaded Tyrantulanian soil, and the Tyrant and his armies are there to meet them in brutal combat. The vast army of Tiki-Bots (Larry Lo Presti, I.T.S. and Greg LaTraille, voice), under the control and command of Khan-Tiki (Robert X. Planet), seem invincible as they massacre many troops of the Gorgeous Guard. The Tyrant is baffled over how such a small poor nation as Tikinesia could amass such a sophisticated military machine. Resorting to his supernatural powers and weapons of mass destruction, the Tyrant manages to defeat the mechanical horde, but not before Khan-Tiki escapes, vowing that this isn't over yet.

Barely recovering from the trauma of the war, the Tyrant is on the warpath for information. Khan-Tiki had help and the Tyrant suspects one of his fellow Tyrants at the UTI (United Tyrants International) might be responsible. Stonewalled by his peers at the UTI, the Tyrant returns home to find his popularity plummeting and the mystery of Khan-Tiki gnawing at him. His publicity agent, Morty Bergsteinowitz, tries to persuade the Tyrant that this recent war can be spun to the Tyrant's advantage, as war is the ultimate showbiz performance of a nation's leader. A hallucinatory breakdown during a drinking bender causes the Tyrant to freak out and destroy his favorite watering hole, Trader Dix.

Dr. Klindowiener, with the aid of his diagnostic computers, diagnoses the Tyrant as having PTSD (The Tyrant protests, "That's impossible! I used a condom the last time!"), and recommends a cross-country vacation road trip to Fantabulous Las Ta-Tas, Tyrantulania (Our wacked-out version of Las Vegas). Learning that the Tyrantmobile is "in the shop", Dr. K trots out a dinky little hybrid car called the Super-Hybrid Imperial Transport, an experimental new urine-powered car with an on-board sentient GPS computer (Peter "Leutennant" Adams) which can also control the whole car. Think of an amalgam of Herbie, Christine and KITT with a Teutonic Max Headroom for a brain. The Adams Car, Dr. Klindowiener, and the Tyrant comprise the Unholy Trinity of heroes who embark on this epic vacation road trip.

Countering the Tyrant's argument that they could have easily flown to Las Ta-Tas, Dr. K. explains that driving there would help them both decompress from the war stress by being in that long space between things, plus, the tyrant needs to be among his people. They hit the road on the EMPIRE HIGHWAY, a long "Route 66"-type of highway that snakes from the upper east coast of Tyrantulania to its southern west coast. It winds throughout the many different regions of the country, and is replete with mom-and-pop roadside attractions and curio shops, diners and coffee shops, fleabag motels, small towns, and National Parks...and umpteen-million billboards for "THAT?!". Our heroes make many stops along the way, and have lots of little misadventures on the road to Las Ta-Tas, including a visit to their home town of Mt. Magma, built around a live Volcano of the same name. It is there where we meet the Tyrant's biological family for the first time...and (*gulp!*) his 30-year High School Reunion is in progress there as well! And they're not too happy to see the Tyrant. After the uncomfortable visit to the hometown and an encounter with the Volcano-God La'Vah, our heroes continue on to a whirlwind vacation spree at Fantabulous Las Ta-Tas.

...but an unseen malevolence is watching their every move.............