One of the most enjoyable aspects of creating TYRANNOVISION is making the music for the various webisodes and podcasts and anything else called for. Currently there are three composing songwriters scoring the show: Nick Baker of NAB Productions, Phillip "MindWipe" Morris of MindWipe Studios, and Baron Dixon. The songs on this playlist range from solo perfromances by each artist to collaborations between two or more of the contributing artists.

NICK BAKER composes and arranges many of the retro-style jingles and show themes, often in songwriting collaboration with Baron Dixon, who writes the lyrics. Nick is practically the musical "Voice" of TYRANNOVISION as his smooth, bright, youthful vocals have become somewhat ubiquitous throughout the Tyrantulanian Empire, adding a light and humorous contrast to all the evil goings on. In spite of being totally blind since birth, Nick is a serious television junkie, and carries an encyclopedic and obsessive knowledge of TV themes and commercial jingles, and this helps influence his work on TYRANNOVISION. Your Tyrant has taken every opportunity to embed some of Nick's infectious jingles and bumpers throughout this website. He resides in the Seattle. WA area, playing various live gigs around town, and composing jingles, songs, and sounders for radio station call letters.

PHILLIP "MINDWIPE" MORRIS is one of our top Tyranno-Team members in the United Kingdom, who, along with remastering, authoring and hosting our FREE 2-Disc Downloadable "YEAR ONE" DVD package, has contributed several original compositions in a variety of musical styles to the TYRANNO-POD and the EMPIRE HIGHWAY soundtrack. Check out his "Brooding Tyrant" theme, or the pleasntly jaunty "Strange Suburbia", and then contrast it to his frenetically jazzy "Jack That Scat, Zack!"

BARON DIXON , who resides in Phoenix, AZ, started out scoring several of the original Tyrannosodes himself, often relying on experimental and improvised Avant-Garde stylings to give the Tyrant's world a certain air of malevolence. His "Tyrant Drums" theme can be heard over the TYRANNOVISION logo at the opening of the Tyrannosodes. Like Mindwipe and Nick Baker, Baron likes to compose in a variety of styles, and will sometimes farm out his melodies to Nick Baker for orchestration. Baron is also the primary lyricist for the sung songs in the show, and splits vocalist duties between himself and Nick, depending on the stylistic requirements. Baron is currently creating "source muzak" for various environments and TV programming appearing in EMPIRE HIGHWAY, and is also creating his own arrangements of Mindwipe's themes to weave a cohesive musical thread throughout the movie's scoring. An example of this is "Tyrant 66", based on Mindwipe's "Brooding Tyrant" theme (adjacent to one another on the playlist). In sharp contrast to Baron's darker themes from the Tyrannosodes is the wholesomely sterile old-school production music stylings of "Holiday for Handbags" and "Hygienic Happiness."


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William "Walkie" Walker

creator, Baron Dixon, about
the creation of the web series, and on
Science-Fiction in general. 2 hrs.